About Us☥

Afro Pikins is made up of little mythical creatures sometimes referred to as elves, otherwise known as “motia” in Akan language, translated as dwarfs.

We are little individuals working as a single force behind some of the biggest and coolest brands. We are always working even when you are asleep.

Afro Pikins are wonderful little creatures who provide the best solutions to brands who are looking to deliver their products to users right before they get out of their beds.

We work during the day and night while creating some of the biggest marketing whirlpools.

Colony of Pikins, we are also content creators, aggregators and distributors for engaging multimedia. We also provide services including talent management and event productions

We help GhKings® to deliver entertainment content to over a million fans in the African diaspora. We also provide 360 web solutions including website development, branding, social media activation and more.

You can contact AfroPikins via email: Office@AfroPikins.com


GhKings is a company Limited by Afro Pikins; Registered in Ghana; Company Reg No: CS049322018
GhKings’ orange crown logo and the Afro Pikins logo are registered trademarks.