Untitled_Ghana (Docu_Film)

Directed, shot & edited by Kingsley O. Bonsu
Location: Ghana
Runtime: 09:12
Shot on iPhone 7 & Canon 600D.

I had a different thought initially when filming the footages, some as far back in 2015. All the footages were shot on Canon 600D and iPhone 7.

Today marks a new age for me & in an effort to clear my desk & look forward to the future I present to you some of my proudest moments with friends in Ghana.

The visual composition contains what I’ll describe as my appreciation for rather simplistic things we might have taken for granted.

It is also charged with some social and political sounds by two (2) of my favourite artists and filmmakers; Wanlov The Kubolor (@wanlov) & Ghalileo (@theghalileo).

The “Nkrumah Land” which has rather been left to the few unscrupulous and savaged with plastic waste. #shotoniphone